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Curriculum Vitae

My life in boxes:

I was born the December 1982. Married since 2013 to Marie. We are parents to Jens (2015) and Karl (2019).

Jobs Time Position Description
Newspaper Distribution 1997 - 1999 Delivery Boy Delivering newspapers Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Delivering commercials in weekends. At Ikast Avis.
Freshman intro trip planner 2004, 2005, 2007 Instructor Freshman intro trip planner at Aalborg university, for about 100-160 people.
Freshman Intro Period Planner 2006 Planner Freshman intro trip planner (main responsible person for electronics, NANO, Landinspektoerer and Medialogi) at Aalborg university, for about 180 freshman students.
CSR Denmark October 2006 - March 2008 Student Assistant Bluetooth testing (PTS), bugfixing and automatic protocol test programming, at the software development branch in Aalborg. 4-10 hours a week.
Rohde & Schwarz Technology Center A/S August 2008 - September 2014 Baseband Developer Working as engineer with FPGA and baseband techniques in general, expanding to work with Layer 1 SW and co-simulation, all for 3G mobile phone testers.
Rohde & Schwarz Technology Center A/S November 2011 - September 2014 Scrum Master Scrum Master for my team of 5-10 developers (SW and FPGA)
MyDefence Communications October 2014 - Current FPGA & Software Engineer Working on jammers against remote-detonated IEDs and UAVs. Architect and developer of counter-UAV RF-sensor and radar.
Courses Time Place Description
Professional Scrum Master 18/6-2014 / AN Group PSM I certified scrummaster (online multiple choice, 80 questions, 1 hour, 95% correct answers)
Education Time Position Description
Ground School 1990 - 1999 Student Danish ground school (0th to 9th grade). at Hammerum Skole (0th to 4th grade), the rest at Ikast, Østre skole.
Boarding School 1999 - 2000 Student Went to boarding school Midtjysk Ungdomsskole for the danish 10th grade.
High School 2000 - 2003 Student Technical high school (HTX) at CEU herning.
AAU, Basic Technical University 2003 - 2004 Student Basic technical university (2 semesters) at Teknisk naturvidenskabelige basisår. See Here for reports.
AAU, Electronics 2004 - 2006 Student Basic electronics engineering (3 semesters) at E-study board, Aalborg university. See Here for reports.
AAU, Signal Processing 2006 - 2008 Student Specialising in signal processing at the E-study board, Aalborg university. See Here for reports.
Volunteer Work and Other Time Position Description
Student Council 1998-1999 Chairman Chairman of the student council at Ikast Østre skole (1 year).
Commended for engagement 2003 Student Commended for engagement in study life at high-school by putting time into student council and arranging computer parties. Contact Annette Olsen at CEU herning
Elevforening 2000-2004, 2006-2007 Alternate deputy/Board member Alternate deputy and later board member of Midtjysk Ungdomsskoles elevforening, an association of old students at my boarding school MJU. See
Elevforening 2004-2006, Chairman Chairman of the Midtjysk Ungdomsskoles elevforening, an association of old students at my boarding school MJU
Freshman Introduction 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 Tutor Tutor for starting students at Aalborg University
Cafe-du-Ve 2005- 2008 Bartender / runner Volunteer work for the university cafe Cafe-du-Ve. Bartendering and being runner at bigger gigs. Runner work documented in danish here.
Copenhagen Marathon 2004 “Runner” Ran the Copenhagen Marathon in 3:34:13
Muskelsvindsfonden 2005 Volunteer Volunteer work at the Roskild Festival, producing burges and the like. See
Muskelsvindsfonden 2006, 2007, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 Volunteer Worker at the Grøn Koncert (11 days) with tent-erection and festival entrance visitation. See
Dormotory IT-administrator 2006 - 2008 Administrator (BOFH) Implementation and operation of the dormitory LAN, providing mailservice, firewall, DNS, routing, Unix-access, MAC filtering etc. for about 100 apartments.
Dormitory Residents Council april 2007 - july 2008 Deputy chairman Deputy chairman at the residents council
Nova100 From 2006 Member Member of the talent network nova100 (
Berlin Marathon 2010 “Runner” Ran the Berlin Marathon in 4:09:48 (average speed of 10.1 km/h, half-distance time: 2:06:04, starting-number: 28042)
Berlin Marathon 2011 “Runner” Ran the Berlin Marathon in 3:37:20 (average speed of 11.65 km/h, half-distance time: 1:46:00, starting-number: 32738)
Vejgaard Fighting Kittens 2007 - 2011 Player, board member 2010-2011 Played in the “kittens” flag-football club 1st division team and board member
Flagudvalget 2010 - August 2012 Member Work on spreading flag football nationally in Denmark. Focus on helping upstart-teams with organization and entry to the leagues. Also focus on introducing flag football in national schools etc.
89ers Flag Football January 2012 - August 2012 Founder and player Started the Aalborg 89ers flag football team, organized under the 89ers Tackle Club and Aab (Aalborg Boldklub)
Copenhagen Marathon 2012 “Runner” Ran the copenhagen Marathon in 3:42:50 (average speed of 11.4 km/h, half-distance time: 1:38:26, starting-number: 1262). A very good half-marathon time, but got hit by the sun on the second half.
Hasseris løbet (Marathon) 2012 “Runner” Ran the "Hasseris løbet" in 3:28:34 (average speed of 12.12 km/h, half-distance time: 1:38:15, starting-number: 97
Berlin Marathon 2013 “Runner” Ran the Berlin Marathon in 3:47:45 (average speed of 11.12 km/h, half-distance time: 1:48:10, starting-number: 32963)
Hasseris løbet (Half-marathon) 2014 “Runner” Half-marathon in 1:28:16, starting number: 199
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