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My Reports and other Writings


HTX (Techinal College) Report in danish. We won a runner-up award in

These are my reports from my study of electronic engineering at Aalborg University .

Semester Title Note/Documents
1st water Pasteurization by Solar Power None
2nd Switch Mode Power Supply None
3rd Remote Controlled Hi-Fi Amplifier Report in pdf
4th Bus Control System in Car Report in pdf
5th PC-based FM Demodulator Report in pdf
6th Voice Activity Detector with Spectral Subtraction Noise Reduction Report in pdf
7th Blind Identfication of Filter Length in Separation of Convolutive Signal Mixtures Article in pdf
Presentation poster in pdf (8MB)
8th Noise Reduction in Handsfree Car-Phones Report in pdf
9th DS-CDMA Procedures with the Cell Broadband Engine
With company Rohde and Schwarz
Report in pdf
Presentation slideshow with notes
Presentation slideshow without notes
Nomenclature for slideshow
Project university homepage
10th Power Consumption in DFTs for OFDM Systems
Won the Mobile Systems 2008 student award
Article in, “Ingeniør-studerende forlænger mobilbatteriers levetid”
Article at TV2/Nord, “Mere strøm gav 10.000 kroner”
Article at “Studerende nedsætter mobilers strømforbrug”
Report in pdf
Slideshow with notes
Slideshow without notes
Presentation for Dasip2009

Other Writings

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