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Line 23: Line 23:
 [[https://​​categories/​gudetama|gudetama ting]] [[https://​​categories/​gudetama|gudetama ting]]
-[[https://​​collectibles/​46929-558342-shinee-official-light-stick.html#/​13205-battery_attribute-light_stick_only_no_battery_|shinee lightstick]]+nye pc-højttalere ​behøver ikke være særlig fancy
 en [[http://​|boble rygsæk]] til katte en [[http://​|boble rygsæk]] til katte
Line 33: Line 33:
 [[https://​​ancient-trees-portraits-of-time-af-beth-moon|Beth Moon, "​Ancient Trees: Portraits of Time"​]] [[https://​​ancient-trees-portraits-of-time-af-beth-moon|Beth Moon, "​Ancient Trees: Portraits of Time"​]]
 +Tim Gunn, "The Natty Professor: A Master Class on Mentoring, Motivating, and Making It Work!"
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