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SHIT (Special High Intensity Training)

After I started playing flag football, I noticed the smaller guys being faster and having greater rate of acceleration when running. Being an experienced runner I couldn't stand for this, so I am working on some interval training material to help improve my short-term endurance (burst endurance and explosion).

Primary motivation: (although the tested runners were beginners).

The training scheme so far is:

Name Intensity Length [s] Break [s] Repetitions
Varm up Varies 600 0 1
Endurance 85-90% 60 20 10
Sprint 100% 15 20 15

Generating Script

I've made a script to generate beeps at custom intervals. It can be found at Generator Script.

The script still needs to insert pauses/markers between excersises. Mixing and volume control with background tracks would also be nice (right now I'm doing it with: ).

A track containing only the beep-sounds (1.5mb MP3) is here: NB! This is the revised program below. This track does not signal when to change exercises, but it happens at about 14 minutes in.

Revised Program

After having tried the above program, it is clear that it needs longer intervals at the start. Below is a revised program which gives 20 minutes of high intensity running.

Name Intensity Length [s] Break [s] Repetitions
Varm up Varies 600 0 1
Endurance 85-90% 90 20 10
Sprint 100% 20 20 15


Special High Intensity Thirty-Twenty-Ten…. Jog for 30 seconds, moderately run for 20 seconds, sprint for 10 seconds. Its all the rage nowadays!

I have created 5 repetetions of 5 minutes excercise: 5x5x(30,20,10) = 25 minutes.

Python Code for generation is found here. Generated wav is found here. Mix it with audacity as you like.

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