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RPG Inventory Manager

Wheter playing shadowrun, DnD, Warhammer, Dark Heresy, Gurps or another exotic system, your character always winds up with some form of inventory.

The Schematic

My GM asked us to keep a list of what we are carrying, where it is and when we are bringing it. Thus I created the schematic below:

Schematic, in .pdf

This is free for personal use. If you steal this concept and make money of it you're bastard… conversely if this form of deep plate has been invented before I apologize for blatantly ripping you off.

All feedback is welcome, especially if you have a great idea for an extension or something different to use the ammo-area for.


The concept is that an item can exist in several different places, depending what you are doing at the time. What you are doing at a time is conceptualized as “Configurations” and can be entered on the right next to the capital letters A, B, C and D. These could be: A - Spelunking, B - Dressed up as a nice lady

We also have some items. These are: a nice dress, climbing harness, a handbag, 20ft of rope, a bottle of perfume, a backpack and a dagger1). We can write these on our sheet in the large area called “item” (you can also note quantity (Qty) and weight (Wt)).

On the right is an area called locations. These could be: a - backpack, b - handbag and c - the boots. The ingenious part comes now: we can enter a location (a, b, c, .., w) for each item, depending on the configuration (A - D). For the spelunking configuration (A) we enter: 20ft of rope - a, dagger - c. As we are wearing the climbing harness and backpack in the obvious place (around your waist/torso) we simply mark it with an 'X'.

For the “nice lady” configuration we write: handbag - 'X', bottle of perfume - b and dagger - c. All things not marked (the rope, backpack and climbing harness) are not brought along.

Revision History

  • 0.1 Initial version
  • 0.2 Smaller areas (more items and locations available)
  • 0.3 Wealth-box changed to three undefined boxes (define your own with a ball-pen). Added grey bars to distinguish every fifth item (easier indexing). Corrected margins.
Daggers always seems to be around
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