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Berlin Marathon 2011

  • Strips/wire for mounting timing-chip (do not untie your carefully fitted shoes right before the run)
  • Use gel-bars, chocolate/energy bars were too thick/heavy to digest during running (it semi-hot)
  • Get some top-fittings for plastic-cups for drinking to get a smoother run (no stopping to pour in water) (Jan Sundvalls idea)
  • Remember to bring water to the starting area
  • Eat a chocolate bar in the starting area
  • Vaseline your crotch
  • Get some proper running shorts and underwear for running
  • The nike-shirt were really good
  • Keep your running number on the back - didn't notice it the whole marathon
  • Evening meal were too late
  • Breakfast in the morning, 2xcornflages with apples/fruit, milk. Worked very well.
  • Get som salt-pills - mount somewhere to get one at the start and at the half-marathon (plastic bag + tape) other forum discussion
  • The plan of 5min/km worked great. Adjust and keep same speed for the entire run.
  • Train more runs at 21+ kms - lost a lot of speed on the last half
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